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take 2 Re: outboard troubleshooting

Armed with some suggestions from here, and a few others from web searches, I ventured into the backyard tonight. I had a can of starting fluid, a full tank of fresh premium gasoline, some gun cleaning fluid. Mounted the motor on the trailer bunk (makes a passable test stand!), hooked up the flushing hose, and settled down for what I was sure would be a frustrating evening.

But before I start poking around, let me pull it through a couple of times and flush out anything that's left in there...

And the darn thing started on the second pull. No choke, no starting fluid, no gas line hooked up. I did nothing at all to help it.

I stopped, restarted, hooked up gas, disconnected gas. The thing is running like a top. I suppose we just got it flooded Saturday and it needed time to recover. It was cool and damp that day, hmmm, could that have anything to do with it?

One thing I found on some web searches was a few people who don't use the choke on their Hondas, even when the engine is cold, unless it doesn't start on the first couple of pulls. I'm going to try that for a while and see if it helps.

Thanks all for the suggestions and offers of assistance!


---- Hal Mueller Seattle, Washington hal@xxxxxxxxxx

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