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With two thirds of my first summer of SJ 23 ownership behind me, I am having more fun than I could have imagined.  Needless to say this site has helped enourmously but the ease of handling of this boat has also contributed.
I am looking for any advice I can get about flying a spinaker.  "Siesta" is equiped with a tri-radial spinaker, pole with forguy (downhaul?) and topping lift and a separate spinaker halyard. 
From there I am unclear what would be the best arrangement for the sheets/guys.  As I understand it a sheet would be connected to the loose corner of the spinaker and a "guy" would be connected to the end attached to the pole on the windward side.  Should the sheets run on the outside of the lifelines from the genoa tracks?  I've seen a setup in which the sheets were alternately drawn in to a snatch block along the forward toerail to become the guy on opposite tacks (on a Pearson 26).  See site  Does anyone know if this will work on an SJ 23?  It seems to me that the sheet would bind on the outside of the stanchions.  I do not have a bridge over the cabin for extra controls and as all lines are already lead aft over the cabin I do not have room there for more cam cleats for spinaker sheets.  My hope is to utilize the genoa tracks, lead blocks, winches and cleats.
I've never flown a spinaker so any advice is welcome.

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