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Re: Spinaker

And bring Someone along that has a clue, on a steady
wind, reasonably calm day, after you read up, This is
a voice of experience. ( the I am shure I can figure
this out approach is not my current reccomendation)
Spinnakers are a trip, but they can get away from you
quick till you know what you are doing.  But by all
means use the thing--they are the funest sale you
have.  Paul
--- AutoWizrd@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Doug
> Flying a spinnaker is a great experience, isn't
> amazing how much power is 
> generated, the only thing I can say is read a book
> on how to fly it. First 
> start out with just flying the spinnaker only, see
> what it does & how it 
> works make shore there is more them one person in
> the boat. Give that sail a 
> lot of respect things can happen quickly.
> Ron Katz
> Macon.

Paul Rosebud Halenbeck                                      --30 Turner St suite 908                                    --Clearwater Florida 33756                                 ---His mind was a terrible thing to waste--

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