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Re: Sj23 Tech Tips

 Never raise your keel unless you are planning to beach your craft.[or run 
aground, or of course, trailer your boat.] The keel is a foil, and as such it 
is always a component in the boats handling. In all do respect to Mr. Attig, 
a sideslip in an aircraft is accomplished with no foils retracted. That is, 
with the rudder in the opposite direction to the bank imput of the ailerons. 
The effect he is commenting on would never be possible without the direct 
opposition of the airfoils which counteract each other and produce a large 
amount of drag with a [somewhat] corresponding amount of lift. Directional 
control is still there, but is a function of all three control surfaces. The 
same thing occurs in a sailboat with two foils in the water. It is just a 
matter of fluid dynamics. Windage, which he correctly states is a problem, 
will only be aggravated by retracting the keel. The keel acts as a stabilizer 
against windage and will serve as a dampening device in beam windage 
situations. I hope that I have now confused everyone. I just could not let 
that go without a responce. Have a good weekend everyone.
                                  William Best

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