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Re: anchor lights, was Tech Tips

>The correct way is good, but the 'local custom
>for safty' was the point I was making.

I don't disagree with you in any way, Paul, I was just curious what the
regulations were.

I used to rent a 28 foot O'Day on one of our large impoundments. I anchored
with a group of boats in a cove, one night, and was awakened in the wee
hours by some idiots buzzing at high speed in circles through the
anchorage, laughing like drunken fools, which they were. They were racing
close to the boats, rocking them with their wake. It was a moonlit night
and visibility was good, so nothing bad happened, but I've always been a
bit leery of sleeping aboard an anchored boat since that time.

I am with you, more lights are better.

>Perhaps I used
>to live in a area where rules and ecquiptment
>violations were common--

I still so. Don't we all?


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