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Re: Spinaker

Maybe when I posted--read about it---bring someone
with a clue along at first---add--and have lots of
open water.  When I was on Lake Vermillion in No. Mn
the spinnaker was not much used--something about
islands and rocks.  But the Gulf of Mx--Keep trying
and stearing will inprove too--at least it did on my
old Balboa, and my older Westerly-It is a fun and
challanging sail, and you Will get better.  Paul  
--- GDFARLAND@xxxxxxx wrote:
> In a message dated 8/16/01 5:50:19 AM Pacific
> Daylight Time, 
> AutoWizrd@xxxxxxx writes:
> Hi Macon  
>    Your not kidding about   > Give that sail a lot
> of respect things can 
> > happen quickly."
> Tried the jib mounted spinaker last week for the
> first time   (this is a new 
> boat and sail to me) We did a good job getting it up
>  (we read alot ) but 
> within seconds the boat took its own new heading and
> had us within feet of 
> the end of the island we were going past  The last
> 10 seconds were exciting.
> George and Jacki
>   ( two tacky )
> Sugar Land, Tx.
> > 
> > 

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