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Re: SJ23 sail numbers

My SJ23  "Saucy Sally" is a 1980 model and the sail number does match
the hull number.  I'm at least the third owner so I have no way of
knowing if the sails are the originals.  There is no San Juan logo on
the sail so I suspect it is not the original.

Ralph Fuchs
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Bob Schimmel wrote:

> Good Day all;
> In doing the research on Panache's sail numbers I've discovered that
> she didn't originally come with numbers.  The second owner put the
> numbers on, to match his birthday of all things.
> Chuck and I suspect that Clark never put numbers on the mainsails of
> the first boats.  But the two companies that bought Clark did put
> numbers on the mainsails.  As far as reporting the sail numbers in the
> membership list on the SJ23 web site, Chuck simply assumed that your
> hull number is the same as your sail number.
> My questions are,
>   1. Do any of you still have an original mainsail and does it have
>      any numbers on it?
>   2. If so, do the sail numbers match the hull numbers on your boat?
> For clarification see Tech Tip H09,
> --
> Best Regards
> Bob Schimmel
> (Always stay curious)

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