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Re: SJ23 sail numbers

I have original main sail#117 and it matches the hull #ookj0117m77...boat 
named miss b. hav"n... is now for sale...with new mainsail and good working 
jib and the secret to winning races.. a 135% genoa.. this boat won three 
major local regatta's last year sailing against seasoned sailors. and 23.5 
hunter.. 25.5 catalina.. 24 sanjuan fixed keel.. 25 cal etc... this boat has 
always been in the top three in the winners circle..but really broke away 
when using the recut135% genoa.. we have been away alot this season and have 
only participated in one regatta and two club races.. using the 150% genoa 
has left us again in the third place ..our last regatta of the season we will 
use the 135 if conditions permit.. to indeed see if it is this sail...... 
boat has a new mast... upgraded side stays..and a very good two wheel trailer 
complete with san juan stickers... bottom has been barrier coated and has 
bottom paint.. copper colored... boat is white... lexan forward hatch.. 
original interior is good and has been covered... a dry boat.. swing keel is 
in very good working order... asking $4695.00   is in a fresh water slip and 
can be sailed as we leave our boats in till late november if conditions 

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