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RE: Hello SJ23 Skippers & Fans!

I will take it for my San Juan 24 for the price of shipping... 
Do I get any points for responding quickly!
Jeremy Dixon
San Juan 24
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Subject: RE: Hello SJ23 Skippers & Fans!
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I don't know if the size is comparable, but I have a NuClear Mylar racing main I took off my SJ24 (I purchased a new longer boom and a new Quantum main sail).  It's in pretty good shape.  You (or anyone else on this board) can have it for the price of shipping; I need to get it out of my garage.
Mike Chaney
San Juan 24
Pog Mo Thoin
Fort Worth, Texas

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From: Michael Dow [mailto:michael0501@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Hello SJ23 Skippers & Fans!

My name is Michael Dow, and I share an SJ 23 with my parents on the Chesapeake Bay. We currently keep "Pogo" at the Shady Side Marina in Shady Side, MD. We sail mainly in the West River, with occasional forays to Annapolis, the Chester River, the Magothy River, Cambridge, Easton, and St. Michaels. We bought pogo in (I think) 1980, and I'll be honest and say that I'm not exactly sure what year she is, but I think either '74 or '76. Don't know the hull number either, but I know the sail number is 159. We currently have a Sailmaster 8.0 for crosswind moorings ;)
We are looking for a replacement mainsail, as the originial has finally succumbed. We had a hard, semi-controlled jibe last season which ripped the main in two right in the middle. Any advice on a good sailmaker in MD or VA would be greatly appreciated.
We are also considering buying a trailer, so any advice along those lines would be great as well.

Thanks very much, and I look forward to participating in this forum.
Fair skies & following winds...

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