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Fw: FORM results-Ad to sell SJ23 by nonmember


How do you feel about me forwarding ads like this to sell SJ23s from
nonmembers? They come to me from the WebPages guest registrations. I can
just dump them without passing them on if they bother anyone. Of course the
owner could just sign up as a skipper, join the majordomo list, and post the
ad anyway if he wanted to be sneaky. Probably less work for Hal and me this
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
PO Box 2205
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
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> (My Name is)  ben awhite
> (Owner)  San Juan 23
> (Boat name)  "JOY RIDE"
> (I Sail )  fresh water
> (email)  cbw206@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> (comments)
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> I have a fully loaded sj 23,trailer,dingy,auto pilot,xtra sails,great
trailer,elec start,etc. Will sale 4 fair price as I'm now looking for larger
boat. Boat located in eastern North Carolina. Out of fresh water on trailer
and will deliver in this area. call 910-822-1557 .Ask for Ben. Happy
> Sailing !
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