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My appreciation-

To All-
I am so lucky to have been able to not only own a San Juan 23 but to have
the added pleasure of having access to your wonderful site, and more that
helpful owners.  While my WH (who is a power boater) is more that willing to
help me out when pure brawn in needed, and is teaching me how to use various
tools correctly, your site has been invaluable in settling certain
discussions about sailboat maintenance, how lines should be rigged, etc.
Your site has also helped me be able to go into various marine stores and
not only be  able to speak intelligently about what I have needed, but the
print outs help reinforce my point.  Case in point, is the split back stay.
When I purchased my San Juan, it came with a single back stay even though
there were two chain plates on the transom.  I lived with it last summer,
but this summer I am replacing it with the split backstay.  I went to good
ol' West Marine, and with the aid of the print out, ordered the back stay,
and the store clerk put together the bottom part that attaches to the chain
plate and ordered the Schaffer block I needed.  If I had not had the help of
the print out, I am sure I would of had a much more difficult time trying to
explain what I wanted, and why.  I am bound and determined to be able to do
most maintenance on my boat myself, and having access to your site is so
great for that 2 a.m. brainstorm that occurs about mid-winter here in Maine
and I am plotting my plan of attack for the spring.
Thank you Chuck, for maintaining the site, Thank you Bob for the tech tips
upkeep, and to all the rest of you who have been so gracious in answering my
questions.  I apologize for this being so long, but I just wanted to let you
know how much I appreciate your effort.


Char Montz, Organizer
Maine Women Sailors
San Juan 23/Charm
Topsham, Maine

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