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Barrier coating and antifoul alternatives

I have a few questions regarding bottom paint/barrier coat application alternatives for fiberglass boats in general and the San Juan 23 in particular.
Has anyone heard of a Clark Boat Co. vessel having problems with below-the-waterline osmotic blisters?  Anyone experienced it themselves?  Anybody have thoughts or experience with after-market epoxy barrier coating?  I am not experiencing any problems but am preparing Saffron for Spring launching and would consider taking the extra time and expense of applying a barrier coat prior to applying an antifoul if such was warranted.
Also, and this relates to both potential osmotic blistering and antifoul:  Anyone keep their boat in the water all year?  Maybe six months at a shot?  Especially you NW boaters that sail the Puget Sound:  Any advice on the best antifoul paint for a six month stay on the Sound?
Robert Curry
West Linn, Oregon

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