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Re: PHRF experiences?

Welcome to the wonderful world of yacht racing ... now you'll really learn
how to sail!

The rating used here in NC for SJ23 is 240 (also New England).  With that
number and a clean bottom, I've geen able to finish first or second in the
spring and fall series last year (cruising class).  My sail inventory is:
storm jib, 110 and 155 genoas.  One quick tip:  if faster boats start after
you do and the course is classic triangle (windward, reach, downwind) as you
see the big boys bearing down on you, sail high of the rhum line.  They are
not in your race but will slow you down if they roll over you.  You won't
hurt them as much as they will you, so don't give them any incentive to sail
over you.

  The boat has a better chance in light air and will hold its own against 30
footers up to about 12 knots.  After that, you'll need more rail meat and a
quick jib trimmer.  At around 12 the boat also sails easier upwind with the
first reef in ... shake it out on reaching or downwind legs .... when
possible use the whisker pole.  Get dedicated crew and practice, practice,
practice!  Easier said than done.

Live slow, sail fast!
Juan Mo' Time, Oriental NC

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