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Re: PHRF experiences?

I'll second that one learns a lot about sailing very quickly when racing.  
Before I purchased my SJ23 #86, I spent 4 summers crewing on a C&C 33, a PHRF 
class champion, out of Detroit. Spring, summer, and fall series as well as 
several long distance races, including the Port Huron to Mackinac Island (250 
NM).  Trimming the main, jib, spinnaker and working the foredeck in races 
with winds from nil to 35 knots teaches one a lot in a very short time.  I 
would love to put that skill to use on the lake I sail here in Indiana.  
Unfortunately, most owners here are party folk who stay in the slip when the 
wind heats up to 10 knots.  And they never go out alone.  The Lasers and E 
Scows race.  Someday I'll get back to racing!

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