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Re: PHRF experiences?

Dear Hal:   are you going on the 24th for the next of that series of races?
If so, what boat?   I will crewing on Bifrost 2.

Thx, Maureen Larson
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From: Hal Mueller <hal@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: sanjuan23@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <sanjuan23@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Saturday, March 17, 2001 2:59 PM
Subject: PHRF experiences?

>Last weekend I committed nautical infidelity--crewed on a C&C 34 in a
>middle distance race on Puget Sound (the "Possession Point" race,
>from Shilshole to Whidbey Island and back, 25 nm).  What a great
>day--7 of us to sail the boat, much of the day under spinnaker.  I
>was in the cockpit, and it was a really nice change to just worry
>about jib and spinnaker trim--no singlehanded sail changes, no
>navigation, no worries about other boats, just trim my sails.
>Anyway, this was the shove I needed to start moving toward entering
>some of the local races here.  The first step is to get a PHRF
>certificate.  Are there any other folks with their SJ23's in PHRF?
>How do you do?  Are there any particular problems with your rating?
>Any equipment that is over- or under-penalized?
>Hal Mueller
>Seattle, Washington    hal@xxxxxxxxxx
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