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Nerw SJ 23

Fw: FORM results

I left this out of the last message I forwarded to the list. Do you all know
that FORM results is what comes to me from guests or visitors to the SJ 23
WebPages who register their presence and/or decide to join the group? When I
sign them up I usually forward this to you to introduce them. This guy just
left an interesting message I thought you might enjoy. I repeated my typo
from yesterday so it would appear in the string  under the same "subject".

Sorry I made things so complicated but remember I am 67 an beginning to
experience touches of senioritis! I think I am going to do a shakedown today
if it doesn't rain too hard. That will cure almost everything!
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
PO Box 2205
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
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> (Owner)  Other Sailboat
> (from)  Michigan
> (comments)  I grew up with the SJ 21 and the SJ 23.  We took delivery of
#60 direct from the New Bern plant. My brother now owns her and keeps her
and a Beneteau 411 in Port Charlotte FL.  Too bad you can't get a new on
these days.... the 23 was a great boat and I have many fond memories of
saling her in the midwest.
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