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RE: Mast Needed

If I said mast, I misspoke.  I purchased a new boom because I wanted to increase the foot of my main sail by 12 inches.  (San Juan 24's were designed to fly a 165% Genoa.  However, 155% is the largest sail allowed in PHRF racing, so I re-designed the sail plan, purchased a longer boom with a new Quantum racing main.  The new larger footed main, with an open foot, resulted in profound improvements in my off the wind boat speeds.  Under the Schell Formula, this modification reduced my PHRF from 216 to 215; well worth it.)
Anyway, as is my habit, I over killed the new boom.  The extrusion size is one used for 30+ foot boats.  Both ends were welded on.  It has two internal reefing lines and a 4:1 mechanical advantage outhaul.  All of this cost about $700.
The new boom, and, to the best of my knowledge, ALL of the spars used by Clark, were manufactured by Spar Tech Co. in Redmond Washington:
Spar Tech Co.
15230 N.E. 92nd St.
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 883-2126
Mike Chaney
Pog Mo Thoin
San Juan 24
Fort Worth, Texas
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Do you remember what the new mast cost you? I think many of us would like to know in case we ever get in a similar situation. If you or anyone locates the manufacturer, please share it with us also.
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
PO Box 2205
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