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Re: Spinnaker questions

Sean Kranick wrote:

Hi Everybody,

Our SJ23 came with a beautiful spinnaker, but very little rigging to support it.  It measures 20'x14'x20'.  I grew up sailing G-Cats and have never flown a spinnaker. My questions are:

1.  How long of a spinnaker pole and what other associated rigging may I need?

2.  I have 2 eyes on the forward part of the mast that we use for the whisker pole.  Can I use these for the spinnaker pole?

3.  Is it possible to use the headsail halyard and running rigging to fly the spinnaker?

Thanks in advance,

Sean & Renae

"Mac 'n Ellie"

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1 - I use a 6-12 ft whisker pole for my cruising spinnaker. I'm not sure what the legal length is. Check Tech Tips F15, F16, H01 & H06.
2 - If the mast eyes they are made of stainless steel and the track is well fastened I see no reason why you couldn't use use this for the spinnaker.
3 - DON'T use the jib halyard for a spinnaker halyard. The sideways pull out of the mast head will wear the halyard and your precious spinnaker will go ploop into the water after which the hull will slide over it. Probably destroying it. What a bummer! Better to install an outside swivel block to the front of the mast head fitting.

Best Regards

Bob Schimmel
Elaine (Letourneau) Schimmel

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