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As a new member of the mail list I thought I should introduce myself.
I'm a relatively new San Juan 23 owner, having bought a used one (sail #
458) almost exactly a year ago.  I keep my boat at the Wabum Marina on
Lake Wabamun, near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  When I bought her, she
was called "ZEPHYR" but I've since re-named her as "SAUCY SALLY",
carefully following Vigor's Interdenominational Boat Naming Ceremony,
especially the part about the bubbly.

Up until I bought my San Juan 23 I was primarily a dinghy sailor but
have done some cruising on the British Columbia coast with charter
boats.  I've never done any racing and am strictly a cruising sailor.

I've been following with some interest the discussion about the ARCO
winches.  I found a web page for ARCO in Australia
(  I sent them an e-mail and they replied
that they do have parts for the winches and would ship them to me if I
desired.  I didn't inquire about the cost however.  They also sent me
cross-sectional drawings of the ARCO 6 and ARCO 8 winches.  I was going
to service my winches but I think I'll wait until this fall.  That way
if I lose any parts or mess up the job I'll have all winter to find a

Ralph Fuchs
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

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