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mast foot casting

After reading Tech Tip F03 on internal halyards, I called the guy at 
Spar Tech about a replacement mast foot fitting for Pogy Bait that 
would allow me to route halyards inside the mast without cutting 
holes in the mast.  (By the way, the phone number in the tech tip 
has the wrong area code, which has changed from 206 to 425).

I regret missing the gentleman's name, but he was clearly 
knowledgeable in the area, and he told me that the halyard exit 
casting was standard equipment on the SJ24, which has a different 
step arrangement.  He suggested that Gene Adams had solved the 
same problem, but the number he had on file for Gene wasn't valid 
any more.

Gene, if you're out there, how do you fit the SJ24 mast foot casting 
to the step on the SJ23?  I will gladly pay the $92 required for the 
casting and a few dollars more to make it fit my step if I can avoid 
cutting holes in my mast.
Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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