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Re: Practicality of trailersailing SJ23 vs SJ21


I have a SJ23 I keep it at my slip or on the trailer. It takes me about an
hour to get it on the trailer & down the road, it takes me about 40 minutes
to get it in the water and ready to sail (doing all the work by myself).If
you want a fast toy get a 21, if you a fast toy that you can cruise in get a
23. In the 2 1/2 year's that I own my SJ I have trailer it about 8,000-10,000
miles had her out in the ocean in 5 to 6 foot swells, sailed it 30 plus
winds, she hook a liken and came be tickin.The 23 are a good all around boat.

Ron Katz

Macon Ga.

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