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Re: Practicality of trailersailing SJ23 vs SJ21

We sail a 23 and have not been on the 21. The cabin is good sized at the cost of the cockpit. I have been told the 24 sacrifices the cabin for the roomier cockpit. 3 in the cockpit is max for us, so usually someone is standing in the companionway, is on the foredeck or parked on the windward side of the cabin topsides. Our teenagers quit sailing for overnights about age 15, so for the two of us it is wonderful. We love to use a sling launch versus a ramp as our truck is only a 2 wheel drive Dodge Dakota 6 cyl. and a bit underpowered. Saves on rusting the trailer, too. The biggest drawback to trailering is the rigging and unrigging of the mast. Easier at a ramp since done on dry land first. With 4 people it is easy, though. I really, really like the economy and security of keeping our boat in our barn most of the time.

Betsy and Dave Schultz
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