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Bilge Pump

I'm always worried about something.  This time it's the thru-hull 
transducers I just installed.  I cut the mounting holes under the 
forepeak berth, where there is plenty of access space and 
undisturbed water.  I used a ton of 3M 5200 sealant, but Murphy 
demands that the transducers leak anyway.  If there is leakage, it 
will no doubt migrate to the low point in the bilge, and I would like 
to install an automatic bilge pump there.

Does anybody have any experience with this sort of thing?  Is there 
room beneath the main cabin deck to install a small, automatic 
pump?  Where else might one go if it won't fit there?  My crew will 
mutiny if I make them pump the bilges manually.
Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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