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Re: Centerboard

Bob Schimmel's Tech Tip B01 might help.  If you haven't looked 
there recently, you may be surprised at the detail he added at last 


On 29 Jun 2001, at 16:25, j4fwtx1 wrote:

> Well, the darn centerboard is stuck up in there !!  I have banged,
> pried, squirted WD40, spit, danged, darned, cussed !! It wont come out
> !  What can I do ?  I am sure its rusted in or mutated into a new life
> form.   Reciprocating saw ?  HELP !!  
> Its on the trailer outside the house........any ideas ?
> Carey Smith
> Midland, Tx

Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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