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Re: knockdown

lacq609 wrote:

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I've been knocked down twice, though the second time was far less severe
than the first. The first time it happened was with working jib, full
main and rudder lashed.  The wind was so sudden and hit with such a
force that she lay over instantly. I was standing nearly vertical in the
cockpit with my feet on the port back rest and my hands on the starboard
seat.  She lay there with the mast nearly horizontal for what I guess
was about a minute.  To say that it was a miserable minute is the
understatement of the year.  If could have released the main sheet she
would have stood up more, but as it was my body weight was keeping her
upright, I didn't dare move. Since the forward hatch did not pop open
the mast was not quite horizontal. The cockpit did not take on a drop of
water and while I was hoping that one of the sails would tear to relieve
the force, the hull stood up with everything intact. Subsequent
inspection of the rigging revealed no damage.

This year I will install two cam cleats for the mainsail traveler so I
can release it from the high side. I'm still working on a quick locking
system for the companionway boards and the hatch.

Best Regards

Bob Schimmel

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