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Re: Help

Remembering where all those lines go really is a chore, isn't it?  
Pogy Bait is a '79, so I'm interested in the responses, too.

I rig the outhaul between a single block shackled to the boom end 
casting and another single block shackled to the tack cringle.  I tie 
one end of the outhaul line to the boom end block, then run the line 
through the tack cringle block, back through the boom end block, 
and forward along the boom to the first cleat.  This may not be the 
best arrangement, but it works and it uses all the parts I had left.

I never figured out how to rig the cunningham.  I don't think Pogy 
Bait had one when I got her.


On 19 Jul 2001, at 20:08, Char-home wrote:

> I am finally at the point of rigging my boat and I can't remember how
> the outhaul and the cunningham were attached.  My boat is a '79, can
> anyone help me?
> Thanks-
> Char
> Char Montz
> S/V Charm
> Maine Women Sailors

Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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