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Re: Outhaul, again

Are you certain that the wire is the outhaul?  I would expect the 
outhaul to consist of rope.  Maybe it is a topping lift that should be
hooked to the backstay.  If you can reconcile a different use for the
wire, try this with the rope with two blocks:

Shackle the block with the becket to the top of the outboard boom 
casting (mine has a hole on top that just fits the 1/4" pin on the 
shackle) and shackle the other block to the cringle in the mainsail 
clew.  Run the rope from the becket to the clew block and back 
through the outboard casting block, then forward to a cleat on one 
side of the boom.  (This gives you a two-to-one purchase on the 
outhaul.  You can't do much while the main is flaked on the boom, 
but you won't need the outhaul then, either.)  My rig was on the 
port side, but I moved it to starboard this year to make room for the
jiffy reefing slide.  If you have a cheek block on the same side of the
boom as the cleat, it might fit in this lash-up as well.  

Check Bob Schimmel's Tech Tips for the original Clark instructions 
for setting the reefing lines.

I delayed this response for a while because I was going to post a 
snapshot, but I never got around to it.  Char, I hope you were able 
to make use of the direct message I sent you or somebody else's 
advice if mine didn't help.


On 30 Jul 2001, at 21:19, Char-home wrote:

> The outhaul on my boat is still not right.  I have a wire that
> attaches to the clew of the sail, then runs internally in the boom,
> and come out at the mast end through the underside of the boom.  I
> have a line with two blocks (that I marked outhaul when I took it off
> last year). Obviously one end hooks to the end of the outhaul cable,
> but where, oh where, does the other block connect, and where does the
> line cleat off.  If I connect one block to the outhaul wire, and the
> other end to a large medal loop (like the main sail sheet block is
> attached to) the line feeds back towards the mast, and there is no
> block to run it through, and no cleat on that side. Neither of the d
> rings that the blocks are attached to look like they should be at the
> foot of the mast, and that doesn't make sense, why mess with a
> Cunningham if the outhaul is pulling the mast down.  I am stumped. 
> Please someone, set me straight, I am going sailing tomorrow after
> work, and this is the last major kink.  I will save my question about
> the reefing line for another day.
> Thanks-
> Char 
> Char Montz
> S/V Charm
> Maine Women Sailors

Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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