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Re: Centerboard Cable Broken

You may be able to get a "surveyor's" haul out and put back with an hour or so in the slings which should be enough time to replace the pennant.  I stopped using a wire rope and replaced with 3/16" Dacron. 
1. You don't have to know how long it should be since adjustments can be made just by leaving it long and tying off to the block & tackle rig.
2. Wire tends to fatigue at the turning point (the sheave just under the table).
3. Attachment to the centerboard is easier and neater since you can do with a simple half hitch and whipping by the line to itself.  If you don't have waxed linen thread, dental floss works pretty well, too.
Dacron pennant should be replaced about every other season and inspected annually.
Meantime, you should be able to raise the board with a line (attach a sentinel to the center) and working it back and up to pull the board back into the trunk.
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Subject: Centerboard Cable Broken

It finally happened to me. Yesterday I was aground in minus tide and crew yanked the centerboard cable and it broke! It is now permanently down. I will be reading all people have written and Bob's Techtips but I assume I will have to haul the boat because it can't be worked on either in the water or on a trailer. Am I correct in my assumptions? Any thoughts on the subject?
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