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Fw: San Juan 23 for Sale

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From: TAOG
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 7:05 AM
Subject: San Juan 23 for Sale

Hi List,
    I would like to sell my San Juan 23.
    Why?  She deserves better than to just sit in the driveway.
1982 SJ23  Hull # 621, boat is in fair to good shape, main and jib only, depth meter, compass lost it's oil last month (age and heat?).  Bottom was refinished and anti fouled in 1992.  Electrical system suspect, no battery, cabin light works as does port bow light, others do not. (solar cell, anchor, porta potty, odds and ends included) Eska 7.5 (1982?) has forward and neutral, has always run off external tank and fired on third pull since I've had it.  Trailer is 2000 (new last August - $3000) Performance tandem axle.  Surge disc brakes on trailing axle.  Long neck which also extends about another 4 feet. 2 inch ball.  Trailer has been in the water twice last October.  Boat is located south of Atlanta, GA.  I have some pictures I can email if desired and will try to answer any questions.
Joe Willard
(also have 1990 4Runner 4WD we can discuss if you take the boat and need a tow vehicle)

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