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Re: Sj23 Tech Tips

Hi Maureen,

First Question:  What did a 1982 San Juan 23 cost?
I have a 1983 SJ 23. While dealer mark-ups varied slightly depending on
seasonal incentives, the boats retailed at $12,795 FOB plus (in my case)
$3964.22 in freight charges from Auburn, WA  to the Buffalo NY Area* .The
sail inventory was not included in the price, which was another;  $425 for a
racing main ($390 for a cruising main),  $280/$258 for the jib, $360 for the
153% Genoa and $460 for the spinnaker. Of course radio, instrumentation,
compass, outboard and mount, boarding/swim ladder and safety equipment were
extra as well. (*Source: Clark Sails Price Sheet, "Effective April 15,
1982"). it would easily have been possible to have $20-21,000 into the boat
when it went into the water initially--another $1200-1500 if you also added
a new trailer to the deal.

Suggestion on your docking in high winds:

I never dock with the centerboard down. The centerboard is rarely effective
unless you are under sail (or enjoy scraping bottom in shallow water!)
I have noticed however that with the high freeboard on the SJ23, at slow
speeds (typically at docking or mooring  speed) there is a lot of surface
area subject to wind pressure, throwing the bow off in a direction other
than normal rudder control provides (in flying this same effect is called
sideslipping--moving ahead in almost the right direction, but sideways as

Typically I found have found that the solution is to go slow enough to
control, yet fast enough to counter the wind. Anticipate, anticipate,
anticipate, then adjust, adjust, adjust to the changing attitude of the boat
to the wind , make counter-moves in advance and leave yourself and other
boats a wide berth. Keep your motor running (even if in neutral) until you
are safely moored or secured to the dock, even though most kicker-sized
outboards are not up to the "quick reversal" challenge. Above all, keep your
"crew" at the ready with fenders and boat hooks to limit any potential

Better yet......just stay out and play until the wind dies down--you can
always claim "boating safety" as the "Captain's decision"that kept you from
being on time to the next appointment!

I wish you smooth sailing and better mooring.

D. Wendal Attig
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> Dear Bob:
> Thx for tech tips.. they are great.. some questions for the group:
> Does anyone know what price our sj23 retailed new in 1982?  I am in the
> process of transferring a title and naming our boat with a new partner,
> Cathy Chiari.
> Secondly, I am new to sailing. (A powerboat convert!)  Do you usually dock
> with your centerboard down in heavy wind and currents when motoring in?
> almost had a mishap in which the heavy northerly winds picked us up while
> motoring in and almost pushed us into a dock and 3 boats.  Another larger
> boat almost beached itself on rocks after us. (My previous experience with
> power boating and Blake island docking was similar but the power boat was
> more manageable in this condition.)
> Our Yamaha OB usually is adequate but this time we were in reverse and
> moving forward at a good clip. It was alittle too exciting!  We had 25
> winds in so was a great sailing ride until then..
> Upon arrival, center board was up and sails were down while we expected to
> slowly  motor in. Would it have made any difference and would we
> the steering ? ( which we didn't have control of either.)
> I  hate to air my novice abilities publicly, but I need to start somewhere
> and learn from my mistakes.
> What do you think? Any tactful advice from seasoned skippers will be
> appreciated!
> Thank you.
> Maureen Larson
> Sas"sea"babe or Babe"sea"licious (name to be determined!)
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> > Good day All;
> >
> > For those of you who haven't seen the changes yet, I've been going
> > through my back log of SJ23 emails and adding the contents into some
> > existing Tips.  In other cases I've created new ones. I've forgotten
> > which ones I've changed, but this is shown in the indexes.  Thanks to
> > all who contributed. The pictures for some of them will come later.
> >
> > Paul I'm anxiously awaiting the pictures of your steam bending.  The
> > railings that is, not the boat!
> >
> > --
> > Best Regards
> >
> > Bob Schimmel
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