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Re: anchor lights, was Tech Tips

>Any boat at anchor at night is required to carry a 360 degree white light
>aloft (not necessarily at the masthead although this is where the anchor
>light is usually mounted).  If your boat is not wired, a battery operated or
>kerosene hurricane lamp run up the backstay will do.

Thanks, that is what I thought was correct. There is a 6-volt, 360°,
battery operated light available for just that job. It has a swivel bail on
top to snap a haliard to and a becket for a downhaul line on the bottom. It
burns for 240 hours, 10 days, and is available with an automatic switch so
that it will burn only between dusk and dawn, to conserve power. Since I
don't plan on anchoring out very often, I think it will do the job.


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