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Re: SJ23 sail numbers

All of Saffron's sails appear to be original (c. 1977) - and the hull number (#2) matches the number on the mainsail.
Robert Curry
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Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 11:19 AM
Subject: SJ23 sail numbers

Good Day all;

In doing the research on Panache's sail numbers I've discovered that she didn't originally come with numbers.  The second owner put the numbers on, to match his birthday of all things.

Chuck and I suspect that Clark never put numbers on the mainsails of the first boats.  But the two companies that bought Clark did put numbers on the mainsails.  As far as reporting the sail numbers in the membership list on the SJ23 web site, Chuck simply assumed that your hull number is the same as your sail number.

My questions are,

  1. Do any of you still have an original mainsail and does it have any numbers on it?
  2. If so, do the sail numbers match the hull numbers on your boat?
For clarification see Tech Tip H09,

Best Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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