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cold weather questions

Hello fellow San Juan owners! After enjoying our first season with our
SJ23, we are now getting ready for some winter weather. The plan is to
leave the boat in our slip which is in a very well protected marina off
the Ohio river. While there might not be much sailing in store for us,
we do foresee staying on the boat over some milder weekends. I would
like some advice from more experienced folks about the need for, and
experience with "bubblers". The marina has been known to freeze, esp.
around where our dock is and we are trying to decide whether or not this
device is worthwhile. Does ice do much damage?
    Another question is which way is the best way to tie up for the
winter. Currently, we are bow in, but there seems to be a chance of
winds coming in from the north, which is to our stern. Should we turn
around? There are no other boats in nearby, in fact we are now a single
boat in a double slip, so we have lots of room.
    And now my last question is about the dreaded condensation. We are
interested in hearing about what others do about this. Do heaters work?
dehumidifiers? Do we need a fan to circulate the air? We had very little
problem during the warm weather but now that it is cold, we need to deal
with it. Although, our boat is not half as bad as some that are at our
marina! Any suggestions?
    Thank you all ahead for any advice or guidance and may your new year
be all that you wish it to be.
Mary Fike

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