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Re: cold weather questions

 Does ice do much damage?

The danger from freezing in comes in the spring when the boat acts like a
heat sink and melts away from the hull, creating a bit of space allowing
the boat some movement. If you get a wind storm when you've only a couple
inches of space around the hull, you could get some gel coat damage if the
boat starts ramming the ice.  Rig spring lines and make sure they're taut
when you start to thaw out.  Since you're alone in the slip, rig them on
both sides of the boat.
A bubbler would eliminate that problem.

>Another question is which way is the best way to tie up for the winter.

Bow into the wind, so the waves won't lap up under the stern and make so
much noise you can't sleep.

>And now my last question is about the dreaded condensation.

A 5000 watt catalytic heater on a low setting works well to circulate air
and keep the dampness out of the cushions, and will produce enough heat at
higher settings to allow some comfort.  At below freezing temperatures, two
heaters may be required to make it liveable.  My experience only goes to
In the spring, get under the vee berth and settees with a sponge and soak
up the condensation from the hull that will collect and freeze there.  At
first, I thought I had a leak, but it was condensation build up coming onto
the cabin floor from those little holes at the base of the settee berths
and beside the compression post aft of the vee berth. Put anything stowed
under the settees in plastic tubs.  The areas behind the settee backs will
also collect moisture.


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