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Re: cold weather questions

addendum: Fred, you are very wise in Upholstery, the Bow to Stern is also very
wise, We aint got freezing weather much down here, but we do have our share of
Hurricanes. 2 lines from Bow to Stern Pilings, in a kinda V, and 2 from Stern
to Bow pilings is no garunatee, but it seems to work. Said lines are
Overcrossed to allow for Surge or massive Tides. Is like a V from Bow and Stern
Lines run straight to Forward Pilings underneath the V from Bow. Then again
water never freezes down here, but that is that kinda setup for Hurricanes.
call me stupid, but a bubbler? seems safer to put Nylon straps and use a
come-a-long to lift her up a bit. Them a bubbler would be no worry in the case
of elctrical failure. maybe there is some midle ground I missed as I am no
Dockmaster, but is just some idears that crossed my mind.
I got a couple of 24s down south here, and hope is ok if I put my half a penny

Fred Miller wrote:

>  Does ice do much damage?
> The danger from freezing in comes in the spring when the boat acts like a
> heat sink and melts away from the hull, creating a bit of space allowing
> the boat some movement. If you get a wind storm when you've only a couple
> inches of space around the hull, you could get some gel coat damage if the
> boat starts ramming the ice.  Rig spring lines and make sure they're taut
> when you start to thaw out.  Since you're alone in the slip, rig them on
> both sides of the boat.
> A bubbler would eliminate that problem.
> >Another question is which way is the best way to tie up for the winter.
> Bow into the wind, so the waves won't lap up under the stern and make so
> much noise you can't sleep.
> >And now my last question is about the dreaded condensation.
> A 5000 watt catalytic heater on a low setting works well to circulate air
> and keep the dampness out of the cushions, and will produce enough heat at
> higher settings to allow some comfort.  At below freezing temperatures, two
> heaters may be required to make it liveable.  My experience only goes to
> -2F.
> In the spring, get under the vee berth and settees with a sponge and soak
> up the condensation from the hull that will collect and freeze there.  At
> first, I thought I had a leak, but it was condensation build up coming onto
> the cabin floor from those little holes at the base of the settee berths
> and beside the compression post aft of the vee berth. Put anything stowed
> under the settees in plastic tubs.  The areas behind the settee backs will
> also collect moisture.
> fred
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