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Re: SJ23 - I Need a Favour Please

The stanchion appears to be 1'' in dia. and the hole is 3/8''.   I took the
hole measurement with the lifeline still in place.  I need to knock the snow
off the tarp.   If you need more information later on today I may be able to
Here in Kentucky we are looking at our first accumulation of 7 or so inches,
the largest snow of the season thus far.
Have a good day.
Roger Henning
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From: Bob Schimmel <bschimme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Saturday, January 19, 2002 9:43 AM
Subject: SJ23 - I Need a Favour Please

>Good Day Crew;
>Would someone out there please measure/email the diameter of a stanchion
>and the size of the life line hole that goes through it?  I can't get at
>Panache today to take this measurement myself.
>Bob Schimmel
>(Always stay curious)
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