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Re: outboard

What I was getting to with my apology to Chris was,
while I fully understand that the boat will only go
Hull speed, and to try to do more is a waste of motor,
gas, and components, however when some "person" goes
by in there cigarette boat 8 feet away, or in waves in
the channel are 3feet, and traffic is high, it is nice
to move with confidence.  My little 8hp merc, just
bogs under these conditions.  When I ask about a
different prop all I get is that i should have a
inboard desiel, a atomic 4, ect.  I have not been able
to tell me what prop I could try, and some say that
there is not a prop beside the stardard.  I know that
is crap, so if one of you WISE PEOPLE knows who could
sell me a better prop for a heavy, slow boat that
would be cool. PLEASE SEND PROP HELP> Paul
> > Paul said:
> >
> > >Yes, and I was the one that said Chris was nuts,
> that
> > >8 or 6 was plenty.  I appolige to Chris publicly
> now,
> > >as I wish that I had a 15 or so, in the Gulf of
> MX,
> > >and with more distance.
> >
> > Is there someone on the list who can explain to me
> the relationship between
> > power and hull speed? A displacement hull can only
> be driven so fast, and
> > as long as you have enough power to do that, what
> good does any excess do
> > you? I was taught that all power above that is
> wasted. Is that not correct?
> >
> > Also, can anyone clue me in as to the best type of
> prop for a sailboat, and
> > which pitch is best? The motor I'm considering is
> said to handle props with
> > pitch from 6.5" to 9.5". I'm looking for power,
> not speed, so which pitch
> > is best to drive a displacement hull? I'm guessing
> 6.5"... correct?
> >
> > Bob
> >
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> Hi Bob;
> A planing hull rides on top of the water once it's
> moving
> A displacement hull never gets up on the step as
> power is applied. (Unless you
> apply enough that is overcomes all resistance, but
> this borders on explaining
> why a bumblebee can fly!) Basically the boat pushes
> some water ahead of itself,
> where it piles up, and leaves a vacuum behind
> itself, where it creates a hole.
> The water can flow only so fast around and under the
> hull, from the pile to the
> hole. The more draft and curve the hull has the
> worse this problem becomes.
> This discussion can become very complicated but
> suffice it to say that both
> forces slow the hull down.
> However, if you push the hull to its theoretical
> limits, 6 knots for a SJ23

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