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Locker Vents

We have enjoyed the SJ23 site for almost a year now and have gleaned a lot of knowledge and enjoyment from the tech tips (thanks Bob!!) and the discussion forum. 
We now need some specific assistance.  We are very tired of tripping over our outboard fuel tank as it lays in the cockpit while sailing and are planning on putting it into the  port locker (Tech Tip B03 and D02).  But first, I would like to install transom mounted air scoops like those seen in Tech Tip D01 and other Tech Tips.  But I can not find them.  I've checked West Marine and U.S. BOATS, they do not carry anything like them.  And what they have will not either fit on the transom or are to small.   Does anyone out there know where to find the elongated and narrow clamshell vents??
Dwight, Jennifer and Mishelle.  

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