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Re: mourning

--- Jack Chandler <res03w5b@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I had no idea that selling Pogy Bait would be so
> traumatic, but now 
> that the deed is done, I am having trouble shaking
> the feeling that I 
> have lost a cherished family member.  I have asked
> Chuck to move 
> me to the Associate Skippers list, but I will always
> sail my SJ23 in 
> my dreams.
> ------------------------------
> Selling my 41 Packard 110 was tougher than loosing
the first 2 wives.  Can barley remember them, but the
Packard whenever a old collector goes by  I feel your
pain man---Paul

Paul Rosebud Halenbeck --30 Turner St suite 908 --Clearwater Florida 33756                                                      "If you set aside 3 mile island, and Chernubyl nucular power has a good safty record."  Tresuary Securaty Paul O'Neil  --                                                         -"I cannot get no satasfaction, I can't get no Girlie action"  Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, written in Clearwater Fl at the Fort Harrison Hotel in 1965 after Clearwater P.D. closed down a concert for excessive rowdyness after 4 songs.

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