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Re: SJ23 - Heater Help

I am hoping to get a tour of a Edie @ Duff manufacture
'Stone Horse' keelboat 24-25' or so that has a Charlie
Noble heater.  If I recall my days of fighting the
Viet-nahm war on Lake Superior this is a small
wood/coal/charcol stove for boats.  Down side of these
is ashes on the deck.  Will report if I get in.  Paul

> Coleman makes one for camping. It would work ok on
> the boat if it were tied
> or fastened in an upright position.
> > The other day I found an ad in the Farmer's
> Almanac for a portable
> > propane heater.  I haven't found it up here in
> Canada and I'm wondering
> > if anyone out there owns one or has any knowledge
> of it.  Chuck thinks
> > he knows where it is sold and will be looking for
> me but I would like
> > "talk" to someone who has seen one or used one of
> these heaters.

Paul Rosebud Halenbeck --30 Turner St suite 908 --Clearwater Florida 33756                                                      "If you set aside 3 mile island, and Chernubyl nucular power has a good safty record."  Tresuary Securaty Paul O'Neil  --                                                         -"I cannot get no satasfaction, I can't get no Girlie action"  Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, written in Clearwater Fl at the Fort Harrison Hotel in 1965 after Clearwater P.D. closed down a concert for excessive rowdyness after 4 songs.

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