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new outboard

Just a bit of feedback on the question I asked earlier about the
appropriate size outboard for my SJ23. We decided on a Nissan 5.0 hp
4-stroke, standard shaft length, high thrust prop. We haven't used it much,
so far, but are confident it will do the job for us. The SJ23 seems an
easily driven boat, and our new motor pushes it right along at 25% power,
which we are limited to for the first 20 hours of the break-in period.

I had also asked earlier about a replacement motor mount pad. I made one of
some special plywood bonded with resin for hard outside conditions, and it
came out very well. I also finished it with a two-part resin, and time will
tell how that will work out.

The new motor is half the weight of our 9.9 hp Murcery 4-stroke which it
replaces, and it's a real delight to handle. Raising and lowering it is a
snap compared to the other motor. It's also easy to tilt, although, most of
the time, it can be raised high enough to make tilting unnecessary.

Now, my next question...has anyone rigged an extension for the gearshift on
their outboard? I'm thinking of a brass rod fixed to the shifting lever
with a swivel joint, extended forward and through a loose fitting on the
stern rail post. It would have to be rigged so that the motor can be raised
an lowered with it in place, and so as to put the end of the rod, with a
nice knob, easily at hand for the person handling the motor. It would,
hopfully, prevent having to lunge over the stern rail to shift to neutral
or reverse as the boat is entering the slip. Any thoughts about this
problem would be appreciated.


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