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Trailer help

Fellow SJ Skippers,

Looking for a little advice on a trailering issue.  Right now I have a
tandem axle trailer for my SJ 23.  The keel of the boat rests on
rollers.  The hull of the boat rests on carpeted bunk boards.  Because
of boat placement the tongue weight on the trailer is too light. 
Naturally, I would like to move the boat farther forward on the trailer
for better balance.  However, I can't do this because of the limited
placement of the rollers on the cross members of the trailer.  The keel
would come off the aft rollers if I moved the boat forward.

I am considering replacing the rollers with a bunk board(s) under the
keel.  This would give me the necessary positioning I need on the

I am concerned that the boat will be too difficult to slide on and off
the trailer without the use of rollers.  Do any skippers out there have
experience with this and/or opinions on same.


Dave Gottschalk

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