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Mainsail Slider slug placement

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From: "P. Wm. Burke" <burkesfarm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Dear Chuck,
>    I purchased my 1978 sail #149 SJ 23 in March this year and have enjoyed
> her to date. I've been busy upgrading and restoring her but have a few
> questions on my next project. I installed lazy jacks and now need to
> the mainsail operation. I've been inserting the luff rope in the slot of
> spar and now want a better system. I wanted to install a mainsail slider
> system but found out because of the teardrop cross section shape of the
> mast, most systems cannot be applied . Do you have any suggestions? Slugs
> seem to be the option. What are the differences between plastic and nylon
> slugs. What size slug do I need. How many slugs and what are the positions
> of placement on the sail. Do I need to take the sail to a loft for
> modification. Any other comments or options are gladly appreciated.
> Yours truly,
> Patrick
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