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RE: Mainsail Slider slug placement

Ok, I found my stuff, though I had to order part of it from BoatUS and
part from WestMarine. WestMarine had the slugs with stainless seel loop
and boatus didn't, but boatus had the pigtail to adapt my shore power
cord to a 15 amp outlet. So, life is good, though pricey.  :-}

Thanx for the info


> Check the BoatUS catalog.  I bought both slugs and shackles from them.
> Over the years (and other owners)my boat has collected various
> combinations of plastic, nylon and stainless slugs and shackles.  In
> experience the loops in the nylon (I think) slugs failed first.  The
> plastic shackles weren't far behind.
> When you order make sure the shackle is long enough to reach aft to
> grommets along the bolt rope.  Also make sure the loop on the slug is
> wide enough (top to bottom) to accommodate the shackle.  My last order
> was for 5/16 plastic slug slides and 7/8 stainless shackles.  They
> to work OK but are by no means the only choice.
> -- Dave G.

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