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RE: New Member

Hey Raleigh,
Welcome aboard!  I'm right over in Newport News.  Unfortunately though, I have my 1981 parked over on Back Creek on the Bay side up by the York River.  My number is 875.0491 if you want to plan to get together some time.  I think there is one more SJ23 in our area, over on the Poquoson River.  Take some pics and post them on the website.
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I recently purchased a 1979 San Juan 23  from Daryl Davis in the Dallas, TX area and trailered it back to my home in Chesapeake, VA.  The boat has no name and I haven't settled on a name yet, although I'm leaning towards "Juan For All".  I previously sailed a Chrysler C22 and am looking to sell it if you know anyone who might be interested.  I sail the lower Chesapeake Bay, James and Elizabeth Rivers and tributaries.  I am looking forward to interacting with other SJ23 owners.  Thanks for keeping the web site and e-mail lists up and running!
Raleigh Martin

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