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boat for sale...

<PRE>1977... sail number 117... san juan 23...2 wheel trailer... better than 
average condition boat,,, bottom is barrier coated and has antifouling paint 
in good order... kick up rudder.. daggerboard keel.. new mast several years 
ago and upsized the side stays at that time... not a lot of junk... cabin has 
swing up dinett,,,no stove.. no water...pretty much like it came from the 
factory.. has compass.. cushions in good repair... white boat main two 
years ago.. 150 jib...this boat performs very close to the numbers and has 
won many races ... located in central nebraska... fresh water boat... we have 
towed and sailed  this boat at fort randall south dakota... branched oaks 
located by lincoln nebraska,, and harlan reservoir located on the kansas 
nebraska border... a very good buy at $4000.00 dollars 

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