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My first sailboat

Hi everyone,

I have purchased my first sailboat, a 1982 San Juan 23.  Now all I need
to do is learn how to sail :-).  The last time I had touched a sailboat
was in 1991 when I took a weekend course.

I currently have the boat at the slip of the previous owner where it has
sat there for a few years.  The previous owner cut the cable which
allows the raising and lowering of the swing keel (where was this cable
located anyway?).  He said because he never trailers the boat, there is
no reason to ever lift the keel.  Is there any way I can tell if the
swing keel is in the down position while the boat is in water?  Someone
also told me there should be a locking pin on the keel to prevent it
from swinging up.  I can not find this pin anywhere.  Does it exist?

I also need to obtain a motor.  Any suggestions on where to purchase a
motor?  How many inches of shaft do I need?  Motors seem to come in two
sizes, 15" and 20".

Any suggestions on how to rig the boat (I assume that is the proper term
i.e. put the sails up :-).  Most books I find tell you how to sail, but
not how to get your particular boat in sailing condition.  I thought at
one time I had found an online copy of the owners manual, but I can not
find it now.

Here is another newbie question for you.  When you look under the port
seat inside the cabin, there is a pipe that comes out of the floor and
ends at a point.  The pipe is bent about 30 degrees and the point is
serrated as if to hold a hose.  The pipe has a knob.  The entire thing
looks like a spigot similar to what you would find in your hose, just a
little more modern, and painted black.  I was going to turn the knob,
but decided against it since I know what happens when you turn the knob
to the spigot at your house :-). 

Finally, any suggestions on new cushions?  The current set is in
horrendous condition.

The boat is located at Lake Lanier just outside of Atlanta, GA.  If
anyone wants to go sailing, give me a shout!

Take care,

Paul Borghese

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