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RE: My first sailboat

Hey everyone.  Thanks for the replies!


Quick question.  What size shaft do I need for the engine?  Do I need a “long shaft” or will “standard shaft” work?  I’ll go and take a picture of the nozzle and post it on a website for you guys to comment.



Thanks for your help!




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HI Paul:

Congrats on buying the SJ23. I'm sure you'll enjoy her.  She is not difficult to handle.  

·         The on line version of the SJ23 manual is available at Tech Tip H06,

·         Repair info about the center board lift cable is in Tech Tip B01,   I don't recommend leaving the board down when in the slip.  Exposed to the water it will accumulate marine growth and you will never be able to retract it if you have to beach it sometime.

·         About the pipe, if you can send me a picture I'll try to determine what it is.  Send the picture to me directly, not via the distribution list.  bob.schimmel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Kind Regards
Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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