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>What is the actual LOA of an SJ23?  Reason I ask is that my slip
>fee next year will be based on LOA, the yard claiming that I'm
>at 25' 8".  The means I get charged $110/ft extra.
>I'd like to get a hard figure before venting to the marina.

Hi, Paul. Better not turn your back on those guys, I think thay are out to
get you. Here is the list of dimensions as given in the original Clark Boat
Company sales brochure on the San Jual 23:


LOA ..23' 0"

LWL ..20' 4"

Beam ..8' 0"

Draft (board down) 4' 9"

Draft (board up) 1' 11"

Displacement 2700 lbs.

Ballast (lead) 960 lbs.

Sail Area (Main and 100% foretriangle ) .234 sq. ft.

Berths ...5"

You might point out to the marina that it's because of that LOA of 23' thet
it's called the SJ-23. <G>

Good luck, I don't usually win battles with the marina.


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