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Looking for San Juan 23 Trailer

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<DIV>I am looking for a San Juan 23 trailer&nbsp;with the qualities posted in 
the tech tips possibly within a 150 mile radius of&nbsp; Seattle (I might 
consider a drive for the right trailer).&nbsp;It is high time to bring the 
<EM>Ceiwen</EM> out of her Kingston slip and back into the trailer world 
(<EM>hey - there's lakes out there to discover</EM>!).&nbsp; </DIV>
<DIV>Anyone considering putting their boat into a slip and has a loving spouse 
"<EM>encouraging</EM>" them to "<EM>get that darn trailer out of my drive 
way</EM>" &nbsp;is encouraged to respond. </DIV>
<DIV>Anyone have suggestions/tips as to where one might get one commercially 
(and properly)&nbsp;made in the Washington State area?</DIV>
<DIV>Tim Longley</DIV>
<DIV>Bainbridge Island, WA</DIV>
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<DIV>San Juan 23 "<EM><FONT 


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